Surprenant AD300® High Temperature Cable

Shielded & Unshielded Military Cable

m22759 Component Wire: Surprenant® AD300®
Conductor: Nickel Coated Copper and Alloy
Operating Temperature: 300°C
Operating Voltage: 600 Volts
Insulation: Fluoropolymer
Jacket: Fluoropolymer

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The Surprenant AD300® Cable specification is used to describe both shielded and unshielded cable constructions for avionics, military vehicle, shipboard, missile, and other electronic applications. The specification allows the user a variety of construction choices. Conductor size, number of conductors, shielded or unshielded and jacketed or unjacketed, may all be specified using this document. Besides offering high temperature use, these cables have excellent resistance to common chemicals.

Cable Specifications

Part Number Designation
AD300 - 24 NC 3 N 30 - X/X/X - X
Spec ID Method AWG Wire Type Number
Shield Type Jacket

Identification Methods

Designation Color Code
- White & White with stripes per Table 3-1 (WC27500)
U Alternate Color designation spelled out in part (MIL-STD-681)

Shield Descriptions

Single Shield Double Shield Shield Material Temp Rating
U - Not Shielded 300°C
N Y Nickel Plated Copper, Round 300°C

Jacket Types

Single Jacket Double Jacket Jacket Material Temp Rating
00 00 No Jacket 300°C
30 90 Extruded White Fluoropolymer

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