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Marmon Aerospace & Defense®, formerly PMC Wire and Cable, a custom cable and wire provider for the aerospace, military ground, space and shipboard markets has announced the rebranding of the Rockbestos Surprenant® Cable Corporation name. Marmon Aerospace & Defense® represents the revival of the brand name Surprenant® cable and wire. Long known for innovation and quality as a cable manufacturer, Surprenant® will live on as a trademark of specialty cable and wire manufacturing.

Marmon Aerospace & Defense Name History

Your Source for Unmatched Military and Aerospace Wire and Cable

Aerospace, military, and shipboard cable and wire products manufactured by Marmon Aerospace and Defense Include:

  • MIS cables
  • Military wire
  • Mil spec wire
  • Aerospace electrical wiring
  • Aerospace Cable
  • Ground reinforced military wire
  • Silicone wire cable
  • Airframe and avionics cable
  • Shipboard cables
  • Low smoke shipboard cables
  • Cross linked aerospace cables
  • Shielded and unshielded aerospace/avionics cables
  • Custom military cable and wire solutions
  • And much more...

Marmon A&D: Innovating Shipboard, Military, and Aerospace Cable Technology

Military, marine, and aerospace cable solutions have changed dramatically to meet the needs of markets around the world. As the needs of these markets continue to rely on better and more advanced custom cable technology, Marmon, being a cable manufacturer, has evolved into a source for cable technology capable of providing the cable wire and cable solutions for some of the most strenuous applications imaginable.

Innovation and technical expertise are only two of the ingredients to our success in being a top-notch custom cable manufacturer. Consistent service and constant contact provide the backbone to serving our aerospace, military, and shipboard cable distributors while providing the best cable solutions for our OEM clients.

What Makes Marmon Aerospace & Defense Your Premier Source for Custom Cable

As a cable manufacturer for critical industries around the world, Marmon Aerospace & Defense® is dedicated to reacting immediately to all inquires and requests. We believe service and reliable information are not just a priority, but a quality that sets us apart as a cable and wire company and truly promises the best cable solutions available.

Marmon Aerospace & Defense® is a wire & cable manufacturer located in Manchester, NH. Call us today to talk to an engineer or sales member to answer any questions you may have about cable & wire, cable solutions, or how our wire company can provide cable solutions for your needs.

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