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Reliable Performance in the Most Demanding Environments

Being committed to provide product in some of the most demanding environments requires the utmost attention to quality and performance. Marmon Aerospace & Defense ® is no stranger to these demands and strives to provide the very best. Marmon Aerospace & Defense ® carries with it the Surprenant ® name. Long known for innovation and quality we take the brand name seriously as we apply it to the key markets of Land, Air, Sea, and Space.

Whether its providing support to protect our soldiers in battle through the MRAP program or providing unique cable for sophisticated launch pad systems, Marmon Aerospace & Defense® has the ability to adjust to the most demanding customer requirements.

Formally RSCC A&D and Cable USA, Marmon Aerospace & Defense® serves these markets under one name and one team. Based on lean manufacturing and the 80/20 principle, we provide proven products backed by a proven name and experienced staff.

Innovation and technical abilities are only two of the ingredients to our success. Consistent service and constant contact provide the backbone to serving our customers. Marmon Aerospace & Defense ® is dedicated to reacting immediately to all inquires and requests. Service and reliable answers are not just a priority, they define us as a company.

Marmon Aerospace & Defense ® focuses on Space and Specification Vacuum Stability under NASA SP-R-002. For Airframe, concentration is placed on SAE AS22759, SAE AS81044, SAE AS50861, NEMA WC 27500, NEMA HP5, HP6, HP8 & NEMA WC 55021. For Military Ground, Marmon produces 12293251 and 720423. Portions of MIL-DTL-24640, MIL-DTL-24643, MIL-DTL-17, NAVSEA 6262065 & 6322493 are produced for the Shipboard market segment. Special consideration is also given to UL hook-up wire and Wire Wrap.

Consistent Service, Constant Contact and Innovative Cable Solutions are at the Core of our Customer Philosophy

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