Wire Wrap Cables

PVDF Insulated Singles

PVDF Insulated Single
  • Insulated Wires Available in Gauges 22 to 32
  • Single Conductor, Twisted Pair or Triad Constructions
  • Good High Dielectric Strength and Excellent Meechanical Properties
  • Cut Through Resistance is Far Superior to PVC

ETFE Insulated Singles

ETFE Insulated Singles
  • Single, Twisted Pair or Triad for WIre Wrap and Power Supply Markets
  • Copolymer of Ethylene and Tetrafluorethylene is a High Temperature Resin
  • Superior Mechanical Properties and Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Available in Gauges 22 to 32 and Conforms to SAE AS81822 /13

Wire Wrap

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