AD1044ZH-12® Wire

Lightweight Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire

AD1044ZH Conductor: Soft Annealed Tin Plated Copper, Stranded
Operating Temperature: -65°C to +150°C
Insulation: Irradiation Cross-Linked Extruded Polyalkene
Covering: Extruded High Temperature Alloy

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The modified wire is an alternative option to M81044 type aerospace wire. The product should be considered for applicable airframe, avionics, military vehicle, shipboard, missile and other electronic applications. This dual layer, lightweight, high temperature, zero halogen wire offers outstanding performance that makes it suitable for many applications where high density cabling and harnessing are required. The RoHS compliant product offers size and weight advantages and should be considered for applications requiring lightweight and small-diameter wire. Further, outstanding performance makes the wire suitable for many applications where high density cabling and/or harnessing is required.

Cable Specifications

Part Number Conductor Conductor DCR
(ohms/1000 ft)
Finished Weight
(lbs/1000 ft)
Finished Diameter
AD1044ZH-12-22-X 22AWG 19/34 TC 16.2 2.8 .047 ± .002
AD1044ZH-12-20-X 20AWG 19/32 TC 9.88 4.3 .055 ± .002
AD1044ZH-12-18-X 18AWG 19/30 TC 6.23 6.5 .065 ± .003
AD1044ZH-12-16-X 16AWG 19/29 TC 4.81 8.2 .072 ± .003
AD1044ZH-12-14-X 14AWG 19/27 TC 3.06 12.7 .089 ± .004
AD1044ZH-12-12-X 12AWG 37/28 TC 2.02 19.4 .108 ± .004

All products are manufactured to meet RoHS compliance.

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