MIS Cables

Military Grade Cable Conductor: Tin Plated Copper, Stranded
Insulation: Various Materials
Jacket: Various Materials

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Applications: MIS-20054, 20076, 20147, 20148, 20185, 20186 various slant sheets. These cables are manufactured with various insulations and are non-water blocked. Some of the cables are shielded, others are non-shielded. Jackets vary by construction. Missile Interim Specifications support Ground-based equipment.

Cable Specifications

Cable Type Slant Sheet Product Description
MIS-20054 1-33 Various constructions of singles, twisted pairs, shielded and non-shielded, various jackets.
MIS-20076 1 Type -001 through -006, Various gauges, insulated, shielded, and jacketed.
MIS-20147 - Single Conductor, 28-16AWG, insulated and jacketed.
MIS-20148 2-3 1-7 Conductors, 22AWG-2/0, spiral shielded and jacketed.
MIS-20185 1 Singles 26 - 12AWG
MIS-20186 1 Cables with various constructions

The above part numbers represent the more popular constructions. Other designs are available upon request.

All products are manufactured to meet RoHS compliance. For exceptions, please contact our sales department at 1-866-303-9473.

Questions About Military & Mil Spec Cables?

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