MIL-DTL-24643 /2 Cable Flexing Cable

Low Smoke, Flexing Service, Shipboard Cables

Flexing Cable Types: LSDCOP, LSTCOP
Construction: Non-shielded and Non Water-blocked
Jacket: Irradiation Cross-Linked Modified Low Smoke Zero Halogen Polyolefin

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MIL-DTL-24643 Slant Sheet 2. These cables are manufactured with polyolefin insulation. These constructions are non-shielded and non water-blocked. The overall jacket is an irradiation cross-linked modified low smoke zero halogen polyolefin.

Cable Specifications

Cable Type Size Slant
Mil Part
Conductor Shield/
Product Description
AWG Stranding
LSDCOP 1 2 -01UN 20 7 N 2 conductors, overall XLPO jacket.
LSDCOP 2 2 -03UN 18 16 N 2 conductors, overall XLPO jacket.
LSTCOP 2 2 -04UN 18 16 N 3 conductors, overall XLPO jacket.

All products are manufactured to meet RoHS compliance. For exceptions, please contact our sales department at 1-866-303-9473.

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