Military Ground Cables

AD1044ZH-12® Wire

Military Wire
  • Zero Halogen Wire
  • Soft Annealed Tin Plated Copper Conductor, Stranded
  • Irradiation Cross-Linked Extruded Polyalkene Insulation
  • Extruded High Temperature Alloy Jacket
  • Zero Halogen Wire
90 cables

Surprenant® HTZR Military Wire

Military Wire
  • Military Ground Battery Cable
  • Tin Coated Copper Conductor
  • Flexible Extruded Rubber Insulation
  • Flexible Cross-linked Rubber Jacket
  • military cables
90 cables

Surprenant® HTXE (12293251) Military Wire

Military Wire
  • Soft Annealed Tin Plated Copper Conductor
  • Gray Extruded Layer of Surprenant ® HTXE Insulation
  • Black Extruded Layer of Surprenant ® HTXE Jacket
  • Army Drawing: 12293251
  • military cables
90 cables

Surprenant® HTNR (10626721) Military Wire

mil spec cable
  • Soft Annealed Tin Plated Copper Conductor
  • Gray Extruded Layer of Cross-Linked Polyolefin Insulation
  • Black Extruded Layer of Arctic Grade Polychloroprene Jacket
  • 10 3 wires

2 awg cables

MIS Cables (MIS-20054, MIS-20076, MIS-20147, MIS-20148)

mil spec cable
  • Tin Plated Copper Conductor
  • Various Insulation Materials
  • Various Jacket Materials
  • 10 3 wires
2 awg cables

SurpreFlex™ Ultra-Flexible Power Distribution (AD961)

mil spec cable
  • Armored Vehicle Applications
  • Ultra-flexibility
  • Cold Weather Durability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • AD961
2 awg cables


  • UL Listed 450°C
  • Non-UL 538°C
  • ETL Verified 3000°F (30-minutes)
  • Flexible to -160°F
  • Resistant to Moisture, Acids, Fuel, Impact
  • FG2000
2 awg cables

DEFENSE-Link Data Cables®

  • Data Transfer Rates: Up to 10 gigabits
  • Superior EMI / RFI Protection
  • Enhanced Flex-Life
  • Light Weight & Flexible
  • Excellent Scrape, Abrasion, and Dynamic Cut-through
  • DEFENSE-Link Data Cables
2 awg cables

Ground Reinforced Military Wire (720423)

military wire company
  • Complex Composite Construction of Singles, Pairs, Coaxial and Twin-axial Components
  • Specification: 720423
  • Contact us for more info.

18 awg wire
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Military Cable and Wire for Your Mission Critical Applications

At Marmon Aerospace and Defense, we excel at designing custom engineered wire and cable solutions needed by the US Department of Defense and our Allies around the world. By combining modern technology, years of experience, and comprehensive quality control processes, Marmon Aerospace and Defense continually provides the wire solutions needed for critical applications in the field. When you need mil-spec and custom cable for even the most strenuous applications, whether you're working in hazardous environments calling for enhanced durability or you need a military cabling solution that simply wont' quit, Marmon Aerospace and Defense can help

Military cable and wire solutions provided by Marmon frequently include:

  • HTXE military wire
  • HTNR military wire
  • SurpreFlex Power Distribution
  • Defense-Link Ruggedized Data
  • Coil Cords
  • FG2000
  • MIS cables
  • Braided military cable
  • Flexible military cable
  • heat and cold resistant military cable
  • Ground neoprene military wire
  • Ground reinforced military cable
  • Soft annealed tin plated military cable with copper conductors
  • Insulated and jacketed military cable and wire
  • Flexible and portable military cable
  • And other custom solutions...

Over the years, Marmon had designed, engineered, and manufactured the cables needed for an extremely wide variety of military applications. From the cables needed by the US Army for armored vehicles to jacketed cable for use in advanced weapons systems, when there is a need for military cable specifications - Marmon is proud to have become a leading resource. Regardless of complexity, our military cable experts are up to the challenge of providing the military wire and cable that can be relied on without question in a variety of mission critical applications in and out of the field.

By taking advantage of a wide variety of designs and materials, our engineers are capable of providing the military cable to suit rigorous use and hazardous conditions. Whether an application calls for flame and heat resistance, low weight, mechanical toughness -- or all three, Marmon has a solution. By combining materials such as military grade polyethylene and jacketing components such as arctic grade neoprene, we're confident that we can design, engineer, and manufacture the military specification cable and wire ready for dependable service in the field. Other components include tin plated copper braid shielding, custom insulation materials, and various jacketing materials.

Applications for Military Cable and Wire from Marmon include:

  • Military cable for armored vehicles
  • Military cable for interconnecting complex weapons systems
  • Flame resistant cable
  • Missile Cable and wire
  • Military and avionics cable
  • Mil-20054 Mil Spec Cable
  • Mil-20076 Mil Spec Cable
  • Mil-20147 Mil Spec Cable
  • Mil-20158 Mil Spec Cable

Custom Engineered for The Dependability Required by the Military

With the capability to quickly and efficiently provide the level of precision and quality the military needs, Marmon Aerospace and Defense is the perfect one stop solution for military cable and wire. For more information, please don't hesitate to today.

Questions About Military & Mil Spec Cables?

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