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Flat Shield Cable Solutions

Manchester, New Hampshire - 1/16/12 -RSCC:
Aerospace & Defense® is pleased to present its latest cable manufacturing capability – flat shields – progressing further towards providing ranging innovation for demanding solutions. As a manufacturer of wire and cable for air, land, sea and space applications, RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is dedicated to serving the needs of the global aerospace, military ground, space and shipboard markets. Previously supplying only round shields, the addition of flat shielded cables allows for more robust industry/market servicing.

Cable solutions have changed dramatically to meet the needs of markets around the world. As the users of these markets continue to rely on better and more advanced custom cable technology, RSCC Aerospace & Defense® has evolved into a source for technology and expertise, providing solutions for some of the most strenuous applications imaginable.

Flat shields reduce the size and weight of cables, improving airframe product performance and capabilities. The end applications are typically military aircraft which require the flat shields for maximum performance and for dense installations where space is at a premium. These flat shields are available on M27500 constructions as shield types “J” (tin copper), “G” (silver copper), or “P” (nickel copper) and will be available as single or double shielded constructions.

Product innovation and flexibility and technical expertise are the primary ingredients to our success as an industry-leading custom cable manufacturer. RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is proud to possess the capabilities and proficiency required to deliver flat shielded solutions. As with every available product, technical support to help tailor the materials and constructions to meet our customers’ performance requirements is readily available.

RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is a Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable/Berkshire Hathaway company. Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable comprises of 12 business units that manufacture electrical and electronic wire and cable for a wide range of industries.

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