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MIL-DTL-8777 Wire Cable to Production

Manchester, New Hampshire - 08/25/11:
RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is proud to now offer military specification MIL-DTL-8777. The specification serves a wide range of industries and applications, as it allows for outstanding flexibility and performance. While primarily used in airframe applications, the wire should be considered for many avionics, military vehicle, shipboard, missile and other electronic applications.

As industry leaders of innovative cable solutions for demanding applications, RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is excited to offer MIL-DTL-8777.The normal wall silicone wire cable features outstanding resistance to cut-through, abrasion, cold flow, shrink back, notch propagation and common military chemicals. The specification will especially excel where high density cabling and harnessing are required to make tight bends.

MIL-DTL-8777 features a soft annealed silver coated copper conductor, granting good solder-ability and performance in higher temperature applications.The insulation is a flame retardant Silicone Rubber offering outstanding high and low temperature characteristics. MS25471 comprised of dual braids and a polyester jacket is currently available, providing protection from military fluids and reduced fraying.

This multilayer, normal weight, high temperature wire is the epitome of innovation and performance.

RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is equipped to manufacture this wire, and is prepared to offer technical support to help tailor the materials and constructions to meet our customers' performance requirements.

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