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MIL-DTL-24643/43 to Production

Manchester, New Hampshire - 8/13/12 - RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is qualified to manufacture MIL-DTL-24643/43F. Slant Sheet 43 includes M24643 types: LS2SJ, LS3SJ, LS4SJ. The approval signifies RSCC A&D’s continuous pursuit towards becoming the premier source for shipboard and specialty cables, and adds to an already substantial low smoke shipboard product line.

M24643/43 type cables are low smoke, shielded and jacketed, and are suited for non-watertight, non-flexing applications. The cables may be used for a number of applications such as communications, lighting, power circuits, combat systems, and where 60dB of shielding is required. The specification requires the cable to perform to -20⁰C to 90⁰C and 600V.

Available constructions include: two, three, or four tin-coated or uncoated copper conductors, (14 AWG and smaller), optional separator, thermoset insulation, filler, binder, tin-coated copper braided shield, and a cross-linked polyolefin jacket.

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RSCC Aerospace & Defense® is a Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable/Berkshire Hathaway company. Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable comprises of 12 business units that manufacture electrical and electronic wire and cable for a wide range of industries.

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